Summers with CUIP

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CUIP (Chicago Public Schools | University of Chicago Internet Project) -- both our CUIP-In-The-Schools and our CUIP Online Resources teams -- stays busy during the CPS school year working in close cooperation with our partner CPS schools.

But what does CUIP do during the summers?

Some example historical answers are below, with links to documentation of the experience and some of the products.

We plan also to post here announcements of future summer activities and invitations to for potential participants to discuss or apply.


CUIP Summer Programs
Short title Formal Designation Aegis / Sponsors Participants Year Program Site Photo Galleries or Experience Documentation

Participant Products or Blogs


WIT Web Institute for Teachers (Actually, there was a different title the first two years or so?) CPS, UofC, some schools or teachers self-pay Teachers from Chicago area (not only CPS) and all over! 1998      
  Web Institute for Teachers     2000      
Capstone       2011      
NASA All-Stars       2012